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scooter102089 15 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Are you talking about Zazu’s Morning Report song?

danibrownart 28 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
Zazu singing The Morning Report and Simba about to tell him to SHUT HIS DIRTY MOUTH NO SAID YOU COULD HAVE YOUR OWN SONG

_ShamGod 15 Apr 2012 shared via Twitter
but I'm just a purist - I have a ten yr anniversary DVD and I skip over the "morning report" zazu song bc I hate it so much lol

ohmonah 30 May 2013 shared via Twitter
when the fuck did they add this stupid zazu morning report song. this is gross.

jessiejuwono 10 Jul 2017 shared via Twitter
*Zazu no longer sings "Morning Report" - song has been altered to "Last Week Tonight Report"*

xoxo_Tee 1 Nov 2017
Can they please just put Zazu's full Morning Report song in it! That's one of the most underrated Disney songs ever 😂

_nataliecamacho 13 Nov 2019
because I remember Zazu giving the morning report as a song and not being asked to turn around by Mufasa 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

Just watched it yet again, but this time the special edition (it turns Zazu's morning report into a song). Still the best movie ever made.

orangetree12342 10 Apr 2019
the real question is do you sing? Zazu has a whole morning report song in the musical. will you be singing that song? 🦜🦜🦜🎵🎶

aaronwallace 5 Oct 2012
every time Zazu says "checking in with the morning report," i wince for a second and then remember we don't have to hear that song anymore

OHyouKleos 22 Apr 2010
I don't remeber this "morning report" song by zazu hmmm

PeterNicholaus 12 Feb 2012
Sleep song - Zazu - Morning Report, nighty Night

Poison_Skye 10 May 2009
went to watch the Lion King cartoon special edition on YouTube...WTF is up with Zazu'a "Morning Report" song...DisneyFAIL

agaw28 21 Aug 2013

TheKiest Feb 1
was it orig version or remastered? (did Zazu have a song about the morning report?)

notaura 3 Dec 2016
Also they cut out morning report and I'm really sad because that's my fave song that Zazu sings

NikitaFemm3 16 Dec 2011
It's in the new edition. I have both RT wait.. wtf. zazu didnt sing this morning report BS song when I first seen this movie

RebeckieBuzz 27 Nov 2010
This is a different version to the one i know. Since when did zazu have a song? The morning report, wtf?

ariherstand 13 Nov 2013
HOLD UP just watched the Lion King DVD with my 4 year old cousin. what is Zazu's "the morning report" song?!

JohnBisquit 28 May 2013
Zazu - Morning Report. Clever song

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