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danibrownart 28 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
Zazu singing The Morning Report and Simba about to tell him to SHUT HIS DIRTY MOUTH NO SAID YOU COULD HAVE YOUR OWN SONG

SwagFFicial 16 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
The morning report itself has some of the cheesiest yet funniest jokes in the whole movie though Obviously the version where Zazu's not SINGING the dang morning report

LobShots 7 May 2013 shared via Twitter
Every time I get the "Morning Report" email from - I start singing like Zazu from the Lion King. Don't judge me.

robbarrett 20 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
I sat down to watch The Lion King with my housemates last night. Then Zazu started singing the morning report?! Fuck that shit.

RegalMermaid 10 Jan 2012 shared via Twitter
Ummmmm....why is zazu singing the morning report? This was not part of MY Lion K( )

theuppitynegro 24 Nov 2010
Mufasa teaching Simba about the circle of Life, and Zazu is singing the Morning Report. I don't think this one made into

mousterpiece 12 Jan 2015
Hawkeye would be the Zazu of the group. Ugh, Hawkeye. RT : It has Hawkeye singing "The Morning Report".

fpectralunicorn 8 Nov 2017
everything for morning report was made from scratch for the dvd version. it had new boards, new animation, new orchestration, new singing with new singers (for simba & zazu), new recorded JEJ voice lines.

krstyvns 18 Oct 2012
zazu & simba start singing about the 'morning report' when mufasa is teaching simba to pounce on zazu. Not cool.

biodigitaI 18 Jul 2015
Zazu singing about the morning report????

Aye_Seemone 30 Jul 2010
WTF!? wat the hell is the Morning Report?!?! was this in the original movie??? omggggg wat the hell is Zazu singing??

quitemindy 12 Aug 2010
lol ikr. they added this scene of zazu SINGING the morning report.

forbiddenpluto 29 Jun 2009
Lol. The child has at least a 2 octave range. She's singing Zazu and Simba's part in the Morning Report!

KirstenAcuna 21 Jul 2019
TIL there are people who believe the special edition version of w/ Zazu singing "The Morning Report" is the original version of the film and... I just want to give them my VHS.

insanetwinn 21 May 2016
there is more omg no thanks. Zazu was singing the morning report

garretgleffe 2 Jun 2011
I wish I had Zazu singing the morning report set as an alarm

JayBee_Radio 24 May 2012
I don't remember Zazu singing the morning report...

_beeebaked 8 Apr 2012
Wtf Is This ??? Why The Fuck Is Zazu Singing The Morning Report ?? Don't Remember This Shit .

AlexDubov 13 Mar 2013
When I watch the news in the morning, all I can think of is Zazu singing "The Morning Report."

orangetree12342 10 Apr 2019
the real question is do you sing? Zazu has a whole morning report song in the musical. will you be singing that song? 🦜🦜🦜🎵🎶

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