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How to get Prepared for the Financing you Need …

  1. Contact “Guy” directly at (570) 350-6860 to discuss your project.
  2. He will send or email you an “Application Booklet” based on your requirements. Different information is needed depending on whether you are “Building a New Home,” “Buying an Existing Home,” or “Refinancing a Property.”

    What Should You Do?

    • Complete the “Application Booklet” the best you can. (It’s only a few pages)
    • There will also be a list of “Documents” needed. Please gather those items.
    • Contact Guy with any questions you have.
    • Return the “Booklet” and “Documents” to Guy.
    • A “Thorough Review” and “Analysis” of your data will then be performed to determine the likelihood of you obtaining the financing you need.
    • Remain objective throughout the process.

    Count On Us To:

    • Advise you about everything involved in the process so you can make the “Best Choices.”
    • Assist you with selecting the right loan that fits your needs.