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Our purpose and mission is to serve as an impartial sounding board to consumers who wish to engage our services and become our clients. We define potential problems regarding all aspects of your quest to build a new home. With over 35 years of combined residential new home sales and financing experience we have assisted thousands of consumers. Our input has helped many people make the right choices when it comes to their housing needs.

We believe consumers will generally agree to pay a “fair amount” for the goods and services available to them but they don’t want to be “taken advantage” of. For many of you this may be the first time you have ever built a new home. It can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience. There are many decisions for you to make and because this is something you don’t do every day, you can easily make decisions that are not in your “best interests” or pay more than you should.

There are a number of agencies and laws designed to protect the consumer’s interests. These agencies and laws exist to protect the masses of consumers so they aren’t overcharged or unfairly taken advantage of. We fully agree with all agencies and laws and work within their guidelines to be compliant with them. But, we actually go one step further. Their rules are generalized for everyone but we listen to your particular concerns and then give personalized advice for your project.

Some of the agencies and laws designed to protect consumers are:

As Independent Professional Advisors we are NOT employed by or affiliated with anyone involved in your project. That includes but is not limited to dealers, sales representatives, manufacturers or their representatives, builders, contractors, sub-contractors, title companies and their agents, Realtors®, lending institutions, mortgage loan officers, zoning officers, etc. No one, other than the client who engaged us, is allowed to compensate us or influence our advice. Therefore, our advice cannot be tainted or bought by anyone. Because of that we can give unbiased individualized service so our clients can make the decisions that they deem are best for them.